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The 1992 release Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman marked a pivotal moment for Shah Rukh Khan. It was the first film King Khan shot for. As Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman completes 31 years of release this month, the film’s producer Viveck Vaswani shed light on the movie’s inception, revealing a lesser-known aspect of Shah Rukh’s initial reservations about entering the world of cinema.

During his conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Viveck revealed that SRK was reluctant to star in films as Gauri wasn’t comfortable with the idea. He said, “Shah Rukh Khan used to live in my house. When he returned to Mumbai after his mother died and he said, ‘Let’s do a film,’ I had to say yes. Until then, he preferred to work only in TV. He was against films. When I asked him the reason, he said, ‘I can’t do films because I’ll have to hug girls in films. And Gauri (wife Gauri Khan) has said no!’ I told him, ‘Ok. You come and stay with me. We’ll figure out life.’

Viveck Vaswani revealed that it was after Shah Rukh Khan’s mother’s demise that the actor decided to venture into films. He said, “But after his mother passed away, he decided to work in films as it was his mother’s dream that he should become a superstar. Every night, we would sit at the Taj President Hotel, Cuffe Parade, which is next to my house and brainstorm on what we should make. I was very clear that the film should be a Shah Rukh Khan vehicle. It has to be Shah Rukh Khan in and as Shah Rukh Khan.”

Viveck admitted to prior speculations about Shah Rukh and Gauri’s marriage during Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’s shoot. He also shared that he invited Gauri to Darjeeling to be with SRK during the film’s shoot. He said, “Once we got the budget, we went to Darjeeling to shoot the song ‘Dil Hai Mera Deewana.’ I suggested, ‘Tell Gauri to come to Darjeeling. You guys can celebrate your honeymoon’.”

Along with Shah Rukh Khan, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman starred Amrita Singh, Juhi Chawla and Nana Patekar in the lead roles. The film was praised by critics and also became a box office success.

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