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MAHARASHTRA’S VILLAGES will soon be given prizes for citizens’ collective effort for women empowerment and against child malnutrition and child marriage. The state government will soon introduce Adishakti scheme which will encourage villages to compete among themselves to eradicate violence against women.

Taking a cue from two of the most popular schemes of the state government, namely Sant Gadge Baba Gram Swachhta Abhiyan (a rural cleanliness drive) and Mahatma Gandhi Tanta Mukti Abhiyan (a campaign to end village-level fights), Women and Child Welfare department of the state government has planned Adishakti scheme whereby each village will be judged over 10 to 11 parameters.

“The parameters include no violence against women in the village, no cases of child marriage, effective measures on child malnutrition, effective functioning of women Self Help Groups and subsequent employment generation for women,” said an official from the Women and Child Welfare department.

Under the Adishakti scheme, each village will be given marks out of 10 based on its performance on the criterion that have been finalised. Based on their performance, the villages with highest marks will be ranked and will be awarded monetary prizes. The prizes will be in the range of Rs 10 lakh to Rs five lakh. The villages will be numbered at district level, further at divisional level and later at the state level. The scheme will also be a mechanism of checks and counter checks to avoid under-reporting of crimes against women in a bid to secure more points.

“The Adishakti scheme is aimed at women empowerment at the grassroots level through collective efforts at the village level. It is expected that the village as a unit will participate in this competition and work towards a safer environment for women and children,” said the officer. The scheme is presently being reviewed by the finance department and will be announced after their approval.

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