After marrying Pakistani man she met through Facebook, Indian woman Anju returns via Attari border to meet her children | Amritsar News

ATTARI: The 34-year-old Indian mother of two children, Anju alias Fatima who had traveled to a remote village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan to marry her Facebook love Nasrullah and had even left her children behind in India, returned from Pakistan on Wednesday via Attari land border reportedly to meet her beloved children.

According to sources, Anju who was born in Kailor village of Uttar Pradesh and lived in Alwar, Rajasthan crossed the Wagah(Pakistan)/Attari (India) land border on Wednesday afternoon .”She was alone, carrying a couple of pieces of luggage, and appeared very composed,” said a source adding that she would be leaving for Delhi from Amritsar.

According to reports, Anju and Nasrullah have been friends on Facebook since 2019. It was on July 25, that Anju married 29-year-old friend Nasrullah, who lived in the Upper Dir district of KPK and embraced Islam and was rechristened Fatima.

Anju-Nasrullah ‘love story’: Dead for us, says father of Indian woman Anju amid reports of her marriage with Pak friend

She had traveled to Pakistan via the Attari land border.
Pak media reports quoting Nasrullah state that Anju alias Fatima would return after meeting her daughter and son and the Pakistan government has already extended her visa for one year.
After leaving the Integrated Check Post at the Attari international border, Anju, who was wearing a face mask, maintained a stoic silence. However, upon persistently asking, she said: “I am happy, I have no comment to make”. Intelligence sources here expressed apprehensions about Anju’s return to Pakistan.
Watch Rajasthan woman Anju, who fled to Pak to marry Facebook friend, returns to India to meet her children

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