Cross-border love continues: Now Jodhpur man marries Pakistani woman virtually

By Ashok Sharma: Even as the couples Sachin-Seema Haider and Anju-Nasrullah continue to make headlines, another cross-border marriage has just taken place between an Indian groom and a Pakistani bride. Notably, the wedding was solemnised online. Arbaaz, who resides in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, married Ameena from Pakistan virtually after the bride failed to obtain an Indian visa for the marriage.

The ceremony, conducted on Wednesday night, was complete with all the rituals and was held via video conferencing. The Nikah was officiated by Qazis from both India and Pakistan, family members and relatives from both sides participated in the auspicious event.

In Jodhpur, the entire wedding was displayed on LED screens for the groom’s relatives to witness.

Arbaaz, the younger son of civil contractor Mohammad Afzal, stated that they would soon apply for a visa for the newly-wed bride’s entry into India. “Our relatives are in Pakistan. This is an arranged marriage through relatives. We were compelled to conduct it online due to the strained relations between the two countries at present. It will take a considerable amount of time to obtain a visa. That’s why we decided to conduct it virtually,” Arbaaz said.

He further explained that if they were to marry in Pakistan, the marriage would not be legally recognised in India, necessitating a return to their home country for the official wedding. By applying for a visa with the Indian Nikahnama, they hope to facilitate the process.

Arbaaz’s father also expressed the family’s eager anticipation of the bride’s arrival, whom they plan to warmly welcome. Afzal views online marriages as a favourable option for ordinary families, as they reduce expenses yet fulfill the customs associated with the sacred bond of matrimony. He added that the bride’s family is simple, and this marriage did not incur a hefty cost.

Arbaaz shared that this was an arranged marriage, with their families making the match. One of Arbaaz’s family members is already married to another woman from Ameena’s family.

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